Support Ukraine

Emergency Relief Effort

Ukraine has mobilized its entire society to defend against Russia's unprovoked war of aggression. Let us do the same to support them!

We aim to turn your desire to help into tangible effects on the ground where it matters most. We have come together under the unifying purpose of doing all we can to support those in the arena; those fighting on the frontline of democracy for all of us.

In his emotional appeals to the global community, President Zelenskyy asked us to do something practical to help. We will answer that call and do all we can to support those in the fight and impacted by war.

About Mriya Aid
Mriya Aid

Mriya Aid leverages our network of experts in logistics, contracting, defence and security, procurement, and fundraising to secure and transport aid to our boots on the ground on Ukraine's border for onward distribution so that Ukraine can defend itself and stop the humanitarian crisis. We aim to compliment the efforts of governments and other organizations working towards the same aim and are fully open to collaboration.

Our guiding principle in decision-making is to maximize the contribution to those on the ground.

Delivery of Non-Lethal Military Aid to frontline defenders

Delivery of Medical Supplies to support frontline defenders and those impacted by war

Collaboration with partner organizations to assist with evacuation and immigration efforts

Mriya is the name of the An-225 that was destroyed in the first week of the Russian invasion when the Russian army attacked the Hostemel airfield. This An-225 was one of a kind, and was fondly referred to as "Mriya." It was the gentle giant of the skies that brought relief and humanitarian aid to so many around the world.

The word "Mriya" also means hopeful dream, as in "I have a dream of building a better society". That indeed is what President Zelenskyy meant when he said:

“Russia may have destroyed our ‘Mriya’. But they will never be able to destroy our dream of a strong, free and democratic European state.”

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